Classical Reel - Solo cello

A selection of excerpts from Bach and Britten for solo cello. Recorded and filmed by Vitor Hirtsch.

Journey (A Documentary Short Film by Jamie Muffett)

Journey is a documentary short by film maker Jamie Muffett featuring Gregor Collins and is the true story of his relationship with Maria Altmann. Maria Altmann was a holocaust survivor and was recently portrayed by Helen Mirren in the film ‘Woman In Gold’. The film also features my original solo piece (enters at 2:40), written especially for this project.

Tenth Intervention - “Wings Of Stone” by Scott Robbins

Performed on May 11, 2014 in New York with: Hajnal K. Pivnick and Anna Luce, violins Caroline Gilbert, viola Caleigh Drane, cello Scott Robbins on “Wings of Stone”: “The title comes from Neil Young’s song, “Danger Bird,” as does the chord progression. Other influences are Rush’s 1980 song, “The Spirit of Radio,” which was the inspiration for the running 16th-notes in the violins, and Thomas Mann’s “Dr. Faustus,” with its description of the B-flat/C/D-major polychord by the novel’s fictional composer protagonist, Leverkuhn. These three musical elements are fused together to provide the musical materials that form this arch-form work for string quartet.”