credit: Dennis Cahlo

credit: Dennis Cahlo

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my new site.  I hope you find it a pleasurable experience; that’s due entirely to the ingenuity of designer Christine Byrne and photographer Dennis Cahlo.  Please take a look around and let me know what you think.

This summer has been a pleasant one on many levels – the weather has stayed relatively unoffensive, my parents visited from California, and a number of fantastic events took place!

My first great adventure came in collaboration with author Gregor Collins and Sound Engineer/Film Director Jamie Muffett in a short film based off of Gregor’s relationship with Holocaust Survivor Maria Altmann.  The video is beautiful and I had the great pleasure of scoring solo cello to part of it.


I also had the great pleasure of returning to my favorite teaching event of the year; ASTA’s Chamber Music Institute at Rutgers University.  Directed by former ASTA president of New Jersey (and dear friend) Margaret Roberts, the caliber of the students and the guest artists never cease to amaze me.  This year the JACK Quartet made a return appearance.


Marc Sabat speaks before the JACK Quartet plays at ASTA’s Chamber Music Institute.

I couldn’t tell you what I like more about JACK; their limitless talent, their gloriously adventurous programming, or that they’re the nicest guys in the world.  Regardless, the Trifecta of Awesome was ever present as they played works by Marc Sabat, John Zorn, and Anton Webern.


Thanks again for visiting!  Stay tuned for more news, events, and various ramblings.